Axus International was founded in 2014; operating as a US based food distribution company which distributes sustainable organic agriculture products into global markets. In 2019, Axus expanded operations into Asia, and began direct investments into sustainable agriculture plantations.

Quality Foods

AXUS is on the forefront of current market trends, and distributes a variety of retail, food service, and bulk foods to trend seeking customers worldwide. AXUS product lines are carefully sourced from food producers who adhere to the highest quality and U.S. government standards.  Food safety is the top priority.

Quality Services

“AXUS is super!  They work hard to gather all the products we need and coordinate everything to export the products to us. “ L.W. Taiwan

 AXUS offers a complete package of services including quality products, sourcing, logistics and container consolidation solutions. By partnering with industry supply chain experts, AXUS provides cost efficient logistics services, warehousing solutions, and container consolidation.  

Quality Relationships

AXUS conducts business with integrity and strives for service excellence.  Adhering the notion that the smallest gestures make the biggest difference, AXUS follows through on promises, provides friendly communication, and is committed to professionalism.

AXUS works in partnership with US Government sponsored trade programs to further add value to customers.